Highy Trained and Cost Effective Rope Access Roofing Repairs In Edinburgh

Fully qualified TRADESMEN Trained at working at hight covering the whole of SCOTLAND

Conventional fixed scaffolding and access techniques have become increasingly expensive and disruptive as building designs rise taller and our towns and cities become busier and more inhabited.


In order to give our clients the most affordable choice for carrying out their necessary maintenance and glazing repair tasks, ERM rope access offers the best roofing repairs in Edinburgh that uses rope access, which is a safe and practical access solution.


As multi-skilled tradespeople with extensive training and experience in rope access, ERM roofing repairs specialists in Edinburgh are able to conduct and support a variety of glazing tasks, from façade inspections to high-level glass replacements and leak repairs, chimney repairs, storm damage, downpipes repair, leadwork and more.

Our Rope Access Edinburgh Team - ESM - Do you have a high level building such as a tenement, church, large house or office building and are looking for a specialist to help with repair and inspection work in Edinburgh ?  Did you know that Rope Access can help you save money when compared to the-cost of scaffolding!


We are an approved Rope Access and height safety company that specialise traditional building repairs to fabric to old buildings in Edinburgh using abseiling methods to reach areas.


We are also Tradesmen who are trained to work at height, which means you know your project is in safe fully qualified hands with works carried out to high standards.

Edinburgh Rope Access Team Are Available for Hire for All Exterior Building Work

Our Edinburgh based rope abseilers, part of the Edinburgh Stonemasons team are an extremely skilled team of tradesman who are experts in repairing / maintenance of historic building using traditional methods for repair works that


Because we are trained in Rope Access  This  enables us to carry out all kinds of high level building maintenance work.  If your property has awkward access and a scaffolding solution is either out of the question or just too costly, then you need our expert team of tradesman. 

Abseil Rope Access Edinburgh Team for Hire  

Building repairs and cleaning using ESM Edinburgh Rope Access team is less disruptive and more cost effective than having to waste time waiting for scaffolding to be erected or using some form of powered access.


Contact us today at  Edinburgh Rope Access as we are capable of carrying out a high level abseil inspection to conduct a variety of work such as

  • gutter cleaning or gutter repairs
  • building repairs
  • building painting
  • stonework repointing
  • mastic sealing
  • roofing repairs
  • building inspections
  • survey's
  • Lime washing and lime repairs 

Don't waste time or money on scaffolding and contact ESM, our TRADESMEN at height, unlike any other company.


Please visit our project pages and find out more information and access to previous work that we have completed.


"Fast Response & Free Picture Report”  "Qualified Tradesmen"



  • Roofing repairs 
  • Gutter repairs 
  • Slate repairs 
  • Down-pipe repairs 
  • Stone repairs 
  • Lime pointing 
  • Building cleaning 
  • Painting


  • Stone survey
  • Building survey
  • Roof inspection
  • Condition survey
  • Historic building survey  

Working With Us

ESM - Edinburgh Rope Access is a team of abseilers with many years of experience in their respective fields.  We have a reputation for providing a reliable, safe and quality rope access service. We provide fully trained and highly qualified tradesman capable of abseiling high buildings to conduct building maintenance,

Our Promise

Fast Response & with a FREE Picture Report, by tradesman including roofers and stonemasons trained to work at height. Contact us today

Rope Access Saves Money

Based in Edinburgh ESM Rope Access team is well versed in conducting a fast and unique approach  without the use of scaffolding. Using rope access techniques, there is no need to set up scaffolding or hire industrial powered lifts, cherry pickers etc unless major works is required.