Rope Access in Edinburgh

Fully qualified TRADESMEN on the ropes covering the whole of SCOTLAND

Rope Access Edinburgh Team - ESM  are an approved rope access and height safety company specialising in using abseiling methods to conduct industrial work in hard to reach areas of buildings and structures. using tradesmans trained at working at hight so you know your getting the right man for the job

Edinburgh Rope access Abseil Team Available for Hire for Industrial Work

Our Edinburgh based rope abseilers, part of the Edinburgh Stonemasons team are an extremely skilled bunch of tradesmen coming from different trade backgrounds that have specialised in industrial abseiling so all kinds of high building maintenance work whereby your property has awkward access and a scaffolding solution is either out of the question or just too costly, can instead be completed quickly and safely using rope access techniques Edinburgh

Abseil Rope Access Edinburgh Team for Hire  

Cleaning and building repairs using ESM Edinburgh Rope Access team is less disruptive and more cost effective than having to waste time waiting on scaffolding being erected or using some form of powered access. The ESM abseil Edinburgh rope access team are specialists from Edinburgh. They can be on the end of a rope and safety harness as soon as they arrive at your premises and get on with the work at hand, reaching external areas of your property you might have thought were forever inaccessible.


It should be noted too that our rope access work will not cause disruption to your staff or residents inside the building we are being asked to conduct maintenance upon. 


The Edinburgh Rope Access team are capable of doing a high level abseil to conduct a variety of tasks such as

  • window cleaning
  • gutter cleaning or gutter repairs
  • building repairs
  • building painting
  • stonework repointing
  • mastic sealing
  • roofing repairs
  • Building Inspection
  • Survey  

Dont wast time and contact ESM and save money on scaffolding, tradesman at hight unlike any other company. visit our project pages and gind out more information 


"Fast Response & free Picture Report”  "Qualified Tradesmans"



  • Roofing repairs 
  • Gutter Repairs 
  • Slate repairs 
  • Downpipe Repairs 
  • Stone repairs 
  • Lime pointing 
  • Window Cleaning 
  • Building Cleaning 
  • Painting works 

Inspection works

  • Stone Survey
  • Building Survey
  • Roof inspection
  • Condition Survey
  • Historic building survey  

Working With Us

ESM - Edinburgh Rope Access is an industrial team of abseilers with many years of experience in their respective fields with a reputation for providing a reliable, safe and quality rope access service. We provide fully trained and highly qualified tradesman capable of abseiling high buildings to conduct maintenance, building weatherproofing, guttering, roofing and repairs and much more.......

Our Promise

Fast Response & with a FREE Picture Report, by tradesman including roofers and stonemasons trained at working at hight 

Rope Access Saves Money

Based in Edinburgh ESM Industrial Abseiling team is well versed in conducting a fast and unique approach to solving many site logistical access problems without the use of scaffolding. Using rope access Edinburgh techniques, there is no need to set up scaffolding or hire industrial powered lifts, cherry pickers etc. Using Rope Access Industrial Abseiling methods, there are NO setup costs. Our quote to you the client is focused on the work that needs to be done!.