ESM ROPE ACCESS offers specialist rope access and abseiling services across Scotland and Edinburgh 


Save money and frustration - deal with Pros! ESM ROPE ACCESS is managed by team with many years of experience in their respective fields and a reputation for providing a reliable, safe and quality service. We provide fully trained and highly qualified tradesman skilled in maintenance, building weatherproofing, guttering, roofing and repairs.


Young and passionate. That's who we are.

What are the benefits of Rope Access?


Versatile:  we are able to access any part of your structure in a safe and efficient manner.  Among others, Rope Access can be applied safely to narrow gangways, high rises, and unusual building types.


Cost Efficient:  Utilizing less manpower, time, scaffolding and heavy machinery allows us to offer you services at a lower price then traditional access methods.


Fast:  Rope Access allows us the ability to gain access to any part of your building using minimal time, space, and equipment.  This keeps overall job time down, contributing to cost-efficiency


Minimal environmental impact: Our specialized ropes, techniques, and equipment allow to finish your job with the most minimal of environmental impacts.  We keep noise, exhaust fumes, and heavy machinery to a minimum to keep your clients and neighbors going about their day.